Why Integrated Sales & Operations Planning?

                    Today, in Supply Chain planning across industries, there is a big gap in alignment between what the sales and merchant teams want to serve as demand and what the supply chain and operations teams can fulfill in terms of supply. These teams need support to reach a consensus between the various demand plans as well as between supply & demand. Our solution fits this need perfectly.


                    Demand Consensus
                    • Provides top-down & bottom-up forecasts for sales, marketing, and operational issues
                    • Analyze deviations between forecasts
                    • Incorporate price interventions & promotions
                    • Helps arrive at demand consensus for stakeholders
                    Demand-Supply Consensus
                    • Aligns demand-side dynamics & supply-side dynamics through three steps:
                      • Smoothen demand to meet supply
                      • Augment/prune supply
                      • Prune demand to meet constraints
                    • Drive consensus and then freeze the plan
                    Execution Monitoring
                    • Studies deviation between demand (as it emerges) and planned demand
                    • If deviation is vast – shape demand back to plan or take pre-emptive measures to cater to actual demand
                    • Generate early alerts to bring execution back to plan



                    Modular architecture can sit on top of any demand planning system and help planners create a consensus.

                    Collaborative Web-Based Workbench

                    Provides planners with a cloud-hosted collaborative workbench to arrive at a consensus across various plans

                    High Degree
                    of Customizability

                    High level of adaptability to suit the client environment with a strong technical core

                    VALUE CREATION

                    Improvement In Demand Accuracy

                    Carrier Scheduling Accuracy

                    Reduction In Planning Hours

                    Reduction In Warehouse Labor Costs

                    MEET THE TEAM

                    Shashikiran PB

                    Principal – Supply Chain Practice Lead

                    Leadership experience in Business and Supply Chain Consulting, Product management, Operations and Analytics

                    Crishna Carthic

                    Associate Principal – Leads Tredence Studio
                    11+ years of deep expertise in Predictive and Prescriptive analytics across multiple domains like Retail, CPG Finance and Pharma